Saturday, October 4, 2014

Learn Tarot by Comparison - The Magician

Next up in comparing the tarot is The Magician.
To start this journey at the beginning please see my previous post on The Fool.

The key terms I think of when I see The Magician are: Mastery, Wisdom, Power, and Manifestation.

For this comparison, I have used these decks:  Crystal Visions Tarot, Sun and Moon Tarot, The Housewives of Tarot and The Gilded Tarot.
In all of the cards you can see that The Magician is manifesting something.

Maybe this isn't so clear with The Housewives of Tarot, but if you take into account that these cards are based off 1950's living, the coveted washing machine is totally fitting.

With the other decks, they seem to be manifesting something spiritual. The ability to manifest desires makes The Magician seem wise and powerful. He is connecting the heavens and earth to bring his desires to fruition.


The other key term and a very important aspect is Mastery. He is the master of his own destiny, he is the master of his own circumstances.

You can draw this conclusion from the symbols of the minor arcana all being included with The Magician. I especially love the way it is depicted in The Gilded Tarot. The Magician looks so in control of all aspects of the tarot (of life).

What do you see when you compare these cards? Try comparing a few decks and let me know if you're making the same connections!

Again, I hope you're finding this way of teaching helpful!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Learn Tarot by Comparison - The Fool

I have been studying tarot off and on for 12 years, although I just started studying for professional purposes in the last couple of years.

Most people start off with one deck of cards and just read the book that comes with it. Maybe you might by an extra book too. There is nothing wrong with this approach, I also started with one deck and then a year or so later I bought an additional book. But I discovered an easier way that helped me learn tarot and I find it very useful; comparing.

By owning more than one deck of cards you can lay the matching cards out together and study the images to see what they have in common. Each artist has their own visions and twists they will put in their depictions, but the core meanings of the cards will typically all transfer over.

For the first comparison, I am going to start at the beginning with The Fool. I have used these decks to compare:  The Gilded Tarot, Sun and Moon Tarot, The Housewives of Tarot and Crystal Visions Tarot.

When I see The Fool a few key terms pop in my head: Innocence, Naivety, Blissfully Unaware.If you pay attention to the number, The Fool is zero, as in limbo. This is between cycles, the time before the journey starts. The Fool takes a blind leap of faith into his new journey trusting in the higher powers to guide him. He has the confidence of a child who is unaware of the dangers of the world around him.

But, how can you pull that definition from the images on the cards?

If you look closely, the Sun and Moon Tarot, the Housewives of Tarot, and the Crystal Visions Tarot all show "The Fool" teetering on a cliff. If someone were to fall of a cliff they would likely not survive, the The Fool is not worried or maybe not aware. Either way (s)he is not even looking at where (s)he is going. This is a blind leap of faith.
In all of the images you can see a playfulness. A sort of "no cares in the world". This is a childlike quality.

Don't misinterpret this card though, it does not mean
The Fool is actually a fool. Just not bogged down with worries. (S)He is ready to start the journey with a fresh clean slate. An open heart and mind.

It is also very important to understand that tarot cards do not stand alone. When you draw cards and lay them in a spread you have laid out a story. The cards true meanings are in how they relate to each other. For instance, if you draw The Fool and the Empress together, it may signify a child and mother

If you're just starting out do not fret, it will be well worth the time you spend learning the cards. I suggest having more than one deck to study with.
Of course you need to make sure you are well bonded with your decks before you perform readings with them.

I hope you found this post useful. Stay tuned as I will be going through the entire deck of 78.

Thanks for reading!

Continue on this journey with The Magician.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Where do I start?

It's always weird starting a blog knowing there will only be one post. The big question is always "What would be a great first post?" "Where/how do I start?" I thought maybe introducing myself by way of my interests.

I have always been very interested in the "metaphysical world". I was always drawn to anything to do with it. As a young child I became almost obsessed (love not crazy lol) about Astrology. I very quickly learned all the signs and their personalities as if it were second nature and I never miss a day of reading my horoscope by a couple astrologers daily (I like to see different takes on the same situation).

As I got a little older I realized that the "idea" of the Spirit world really fascinated me. I was always very aware that things would happen that didn't make sense in the physical world, but I didn't grow up in a house that would nurture my beliefs, actually it was a quite judgmental household and I likely would have been made fun of, so I often blew off feelings, sights, "knowings". At points I even wondered if I was losing my mind (don't most of us go through that?!) But, it didn't shy me away from astrology and I also began to play with numbers a bit.

As I got into my teens, my experiences with Spirit became more real, and I began to delve further into this world. I saw my first apparition when I was 17, although I had experiences with moving furniture or objects much earlier on. I also began to get premonitions around this time (this is as far back as I can remember, but I'm sure it started during childhood, I just never would have associated such a thing). I bought my first Tarot deck when I was 19 and found that my readings were surprisingly accurate from the beginning, again like it was second nature. But, also when I was 19, I had been speaking with family members and I was talking about another family member whom I didn't care for and his reckless driving and I made the statement "He's going to get into a car accident" and shortly after that, within that hour, he did! That scared me! It wasn't the first time I said something would happen and it did, but it was the first time that it was something totally negative and I almost felt responsible. I then closed my door to those abilities.

I still "played" with my tarot cards off and on throughout the years and of course I read my horoscopes, but nothing I would truly consider "active".

My love for Spirit and my abilities has never gone away though, I just put it in the background. Let's get real, you can't really make it go away; if you're gifted, you're gifted!
I would have fun or wild things happen over the years that I convinced myself were 'coincidence' (no such thing!) or that I just had great intuitions. Over the last 10 years I would 'predict' things, mostly about people and things they would eventually do, and people would always be astonished. "How did you know that?" and my answer was always "I have great intuitions" and for many many years I thought that's all it was, I didn't consider myself to have psychic abilities, just strong intuitions, stronger than most. I was clueless! Clearly I misunderstood and downplayed what it meant to be an intuitive as I am.

I wish I had not felt restricted or scared for the first 25 years or so of my life, but I didn't know much about my abilities or that there were so many people and resources to help me. But, it's better late than never and I am very excited to be on this journey of 'fine tuning' my gifts and in the process finding the real me!

My sun sign is: Scorpio. Which means you either love me or you hate me, there really isn't much in between for those around us. But that's ok, because when I reciprocate you have a very loyal and protective lover and nurturer at your side (just don't tick me off! lol)

Chinese Horoscope: Dog. I guess you can double up on the loyalty thing! (And I have to admit this is very true about me, someone being disloyal really bothers me because I wouldn't dream of doing it!)

Numerology: Life Path 7, Expression 5. Both aspects make me a 'free spirit'. I do love having time to myself and am definitely not an overly social person. I like to be on my own to think and learn. In my late teens to early adulthood I did like to be out and about and experiencing new things, but in my late 20's I began to 'settle' more and am now more comfortable at home (although my heart does still desire adventure and travel).

Tarot: Queen of Swords. If I had to pick a significator...I am a woman in her 30's with dark brown hair and olive greenish brown eyes. This makes me more drawn to calling myself the Queen of Swords, although the Queen of Pentacles could work too. The one card in the deck that I have most been drawn to from the beginning is the Ace of Cups! The aces in any deck of cards thrills me.
I am a claircognizant, clairsentient, and Empath. I have had experiences with clairvoyance and clairaudience and am working now to strengthen my abilities and re-open my door.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me, my experiences, and my abilities and I hope you stick around as I grow into the person I am meant to be! And please feel free to share about yourself, I would love to get to know you!

To find your Life Path Number add up all the digits of your birth date. If the sum is a double digit number that does not repeat then you will add those number together to make it a single digit. For example, someone born on November 3rd, 1982 would be: 1+1+3+1+9+8+2=25 =2+5 =7 ;) Any numbers that repeat are called Master Numbers (11, 22, 33...) and are to be left as is, do not break them down further. For example, someone born on January 13th, 2013 would be: 1+1+3+2+0+1+3=11. ) You don't actually need to add in the zero's, you can leave them out because they don't have any value, I just added it to avoid any confusion.

To find your Expression Number write out your FULL NAME at birth (no married names). Then assign the number value in the chart to each letter. Then add them all up in the same manor as above.

For example, someone named CAMERON ISABELLA EDWARDS would be:
3+1+4+5+9+6+5  +  9+1+1+2+5+3+3+1   +   5+4+5+1+9+4+1 = 87 = 8+7 = 15 = 1+5 = 6

There are many websites devoted to Numerology, so a simple google search can give you insight into what your numbers mean about you. You can also click on the links above.